April 19, 2012

The perfect Condominium Home Inspection

I am not sure there is a excellent Toronto Condominium or Mississauga Condominium home inspection however one that is fairly close is a thermal imaging inspection.

When buyers of Toronto Condominium Listings and Mississauga Condos for sale come to the decision of a home inspection many think it is a waste of time and money. That point of view is understandable as condo corporations are responsible for most of the major upkeep of a building.

The interior of the unit however is the accountability of the personel owner. And just like a regular house, a condo is branch to wear and tear which could leave with expensive medicinal problems if you do not recognize them until after you take possession.

Thermal Imaging Inspection

Unlike a regular home inspection which is generally visual, a thermal imaging inspection using an infra- red camera will let you see what is happening beneath the surface or behind a wall.

Water Problems

No one likes water seepage problems. They are make life uncomfortable and can lead to other damage and health risks such as mould.

Bathroom plumbing in Toronto Condos and Mississauga Condos can make leaks just like regular houses.

Leaks that if undetected can cause thousands of dollars in damages,

A thermal imaging inspection will delineate water problems not obvious to the naked eye. Your condo unit may have a water leak not obvious that finds its way into a neighboring unit below.

Because the leak originates in your unit you would likely be responsible for any damage to your neighbors unit. A thermal imaging inspection utilizing an infra- red camera will detect any such leaks behind the walls before they lead to bigger headaches and repair bills.


Water leakage can lead to someone else big qoute and potential health risk.....Mould

Mould thrives in dark spots such as behind walls or under tile in a shower stall. Places where it is normally impossible to know if a problems exists.

A thermal imaging inspection can see behind or below these surfaces to detect any mould problems.


Incorrect or faulty wiring causing a fire hazard is not easy to see with the naked eye as wiring is normally private behind walls.

An infra- red camera in a thermal imaging inspection will detect any hot spots not graphic to the naked eye.

Air conditioning units

Leaks in air conditioning compressors can be missed by a regular optic home inspection.

The infra- red camera of a thermal imaging inspection will delineate this defect.

Knowing about potential problems and defects allows you to re-negotiate the medicinal cost of any of these qoute areas before you make a final and binding commitment to a Toronto Condominium Listings or a Mississauga Condo for sale. There may not be a excellent condominium home inspection but a thermal imaging inspection will go a long way in satisfying your relieve level on the buy of your Toronto Condominium Listings or your Mississauga Condo for sale.

The perfect Condominium Home Inspection

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